Have You Heard About Amazon Therapeutics?

June 21, 2017 | Jerry Black | |

Amazon Therapeutics is an innovator in the dietary supplements industry. We value taking care of our customers well as the Amazon Rain Forest where we source our products. We stand behind major principles of conservation and sustainability.

Fair Trade and Intellectual Property

We are adamant in support of the indigenous land rights, intellectual properties and jungle preservation. We are working with indigenous societies and universities to develop an ethical protocol for companies who wish to promote fair trade.

Materia Prima!

Our Raw materials are derived from organically certified farms and wild crafted under our ‘Sustainable Harvestâ„¢ labels. Today, our network of growers and wild crafted supply the freshest and finest medicinal plants in the industry.

Proper Preservation Techniques

We work with small lots of herbs that are vitality fresh and harvested by master herbalist to impart the strongest therapeutic benefits. Our team members have knowledge of climates, soils and appropriate harvesting and preservation and extraction techniques.

Ethic and Efficacy

When a new chemical is identified in nature, some laboratories seek ways to synthesize the drug in their laboratories. Once the botanical has been rendered into a synthetic substance, ownership can be claimed by issuing a technical or application patent. Amazon Therapeutics participates in South American congressional meetings to help protect indigenous people from exploitation.

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