Direct from the Source: A Pharmacopeia of South American BotanicalsTM

Shamans, medicine men, and doctors of the Amazon have used a variety of traditional jungle herbs for many generations. To date, we have only begun to scratch the surface of the the rich, botanical pharmacopeia flourishing in the Amazon. At Herbs America we work to share a small amount of these precious herbs with the rest of the globe. We are always searching for newly discovered plants that have beneficial qualities.

We are in constant contact with the Farmers of Peru and the Amazon Forest and have given over one million dollars to support sustainable harvest products.  All our herbs undergo Third-Party Laboratory Testing to ensure accurate species identification and the highest quality available.




“Even if you follow me for months through the jungle, there will be no end to the medicines we can discover.”  

~ Huni Caiyawa
Cashinahua Medicine Man


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