Gelatinization of Maca

Gelatinized Maca what is that and what is Gelatinization?

Gelatinization is a process in which the hydrogen bonds in the starch are broken by kinetic energy of heated water. Starch granules in water swell with increased heat until they reach the gelatinization temperature. When water is added again, the starch can reabsorb large amounts of water without long periods of heating. This is one of the major benefits of Gelatinized Maca.

Gelatinized starch is said to be more rapidly digested than raw starch. For people seeking more bio-availability or easier digestibility of the carbohydrate content of Maca, gelatinization essentially provides a “pre-digested” maca that is thought to be more readily absorbed in the upper gastrointestinal tract.

What About Raw Maca?

Raw, un-gelatinized maca has it own advantages. This includes some of the more active ingredients being absorbed in the lower GI tract and higher bioavailability components found in raw maca that are uptaken by other actions.

Gelatanized vs. Raw Maca- Which Type is better?

This cannot be answered as each individual may benefit from the differences in both type of maca.  Are they both useful?  Yes. Both forms of maca are rich in beneficial compounds.

Maca Roots held in a hand

Breaking the Misconceptions About Gelatinized Maca:


Regarding Gelatinized Maca:

  • It is a proprietary or patented process.
  • It is NOT an extracted alcoholic concentrate.
  • Does NOT carry any registered trademarks in Peru or in the USA. In addition, there are no exclusive dealerships of gelatinized Maca offered by institutions, laboratories or universities in Peru.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is gelatinized Maca a better product than Maca Magic raw whole root and is it devoid of enzymes?
    Better? No. It is pre-cooked, therefore it is reported to breakdown slightly faster, and digests better for some people. Yes, it is heated to high temperatures and in this process many important nutrients, fatty acids and all the natural enzymes are destroyed or diminished in the process. Therefore, it is said to store for longer periods.