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Pasuchaca Extract – 1 oz

Pasuchaca 1oz

Pasuchaca Extract – 1 oz



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Pasuchaca (Gerenium dielsianum) Liquid Extract – 1 oz bottle
Item #00571

We perform Third Party Testing on all our herbs to ensure we are providing you with the highest quality available.

Product Description

Pasuchaca is a small, perennial plant with violet colored flowers bunched together. It grows in Peru about 9800 feet about sea level (3000 meters).pasuchaca

Studies have shown that Pasuchaca possess hypoglycemic properties. It has traditionally been used to balance blood sugar levels as studies show it increases the total absorption of glucose by the body, facilitates the absorption of glucose in the muscle tissue, and it inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis. It has also been used as a blood purifier.

The plant contains flavonoids, tannins, saponins, antrachinones, anthocyanin and saponin glycosides, gums, mucilages, tannins, essential oils, fats (including waxes), resins, carotenoids, cumarines and triterpenes.

We prepare our Pasuchaca Extract from the dried Pasuchaca plant sourced directly from Peru.

Use 10-15 drops once or twice a day in water or as recommended by a health care practitioner.

100% Pasuchaca (Gerenium dielsianum), distilled water and organic grain alcohol (35-45%)