Our Philosophy

phytomedicines of the Amazon
The Amazon Basin and the Andes Mountains are rich with phytomedicines

We offer 100 species of medicinal herbs, therapeutic teas, and 40 classical formations presented as liquid extracts, capsules, and in bulk. Our product line is renowned for extremely high potency, well-crafted compounds which maximize the synergistic value of time tested remedies. Formulated over centuries of popular use and supported by research, the efficacy of the Amazon’s pharmacopeia offers herbalists and medical doctors a new range of stunning phytonutrients and natural drug compounds. These offerings effectively broadened the therapeutic repertoire of natural healing on many levels of medicine; both allopathic and naturopathic.

Amazon Therapeutic LaboratoriesTM is a vertically integrated company with offices and research facilities in both North and South America. This allows us to work directly with botanists, tribal leaders, universities, and laboratories to cultivate and research traditional medicines which are found to be beneficial for both humans and the land.

95% of our products are derived entirely from sustainably harvested or organically grown botanicals.

We believe that empirical wisdom and modern science can combine important resources for a long term vision of biological health. We are adamant in supporting indigenous land rights and intellectual property. Our trademarks and proprietary formulations are registered on behalf of indigenous societies in the Amazon Basin and Andes Mountains. A portion of each sale is designated to help protect natural heritage through conservation projects.

OUR MISSION: “To provide equitable exchange between international research and the intellectual property rights of indigenous peoples of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin.

To inspire and promote research and funding for the benefit of native societies and rainforest conservation.

To provide a platform for the advancement of phytomedicines, the herb growers and gatherers, students or apprentices, medical societies and traditional healers who reside, research or practice in South America.”