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Holy Maca Moly! What happened to Maca prices?

Holy Maca Moly!

Holy Maca Moly! What happened to Maca prices?

As you may have noticed, the price of Maca has sky rocketed over the last 9 months, increasing in some cases by 4 times the price it was in July of 2014. Many consumers may be wondering what has caused this increase and feel that companies are just trying to get rich.

We can assure you the rise in your pricing has everything to do in the dramatic increase in the cost of Maca and not with any get rich quick scheme. The biggest impact on the Maca industry has been the Chinese. Maca has become popular in China for its apparent effect on the libido. Attempts have been made to grow this amazing tuber root in the mountains in the Yunan province of China, but the results have been subpar quality of roots. Soil pollutants and contamination play a big factor in the poor quality of the Chinese Maca. The demand for Maca in China outgrew the projected harvest of the Chinese Maca. Drastic measures were taken to fulfill China’s demand. Last summer, before the Peruvian harvest, Chinese buyers showed up in the fields of farmers and communities in Peru with bags of cash to buy up the harvest. The impact on the industry has been severe.

With such an increase in demand, and a willingness by some to pay large amounts of cash, or use force to obtain Maca, the cost has risen while the availability has become more difficult. Some farmers are holding out for a higher price while others do not want to get involved in the drama surrounding Maca.

While many Chinese companies are exporting plant tops and immature roots without the typical permits or testing, we refuse to lower our standards. We are doing everything in our power to maintain the high level of product and commitment you have been accustomed to when working with Herbs America. Under no circumstances would we ever resort to adulterating, or purchasing adulterated goods.

We are committed to quality and the organic purity of our product line even after it leaves the fields. Our maca is tested to certify there are no additives or irregularities in the product.

In Peru, we are dedicated to producing bio-active, 100% organic, vitamin-rich maca root. We will never encourage our growers to utilize toxic chemicals just to increase production. Our maca is organically grown on plantations at the genetic origin of true lepidium peruvianum, Peru’s Magic Valley, located on the Junin plateau at 14,000 feet elevation, high in the Andes Mountains. We maintain contacts with some of the same businesses in Peru that we have been working with since the inception of Herbs America over 20 years ago. We have a representative of our company traveling in Peru personally meeting with people to ensure the continued availability of high quality goods from safe and reputable sources.


We are saddened by the state of the maca industry at this time. It is hard for us to fathom how such a peaceful industry, which has enriched the lives of Peruvian farmers and offered an amazing product to the world, has turned to corruption and peril.


While we understand there may be a concern for perpetuating the cycle of danger that has fallen upon many Peruvian farmers, it is our goal to maintain the highest level of ethics and quality products available. Here is a link to more information about the background and quality of our company.


Here are additional links to more information about the Maca industry:

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    I want to thank you for your dedication of not falling in the mercantile behaviour of so many companies and resisting the appaling chinese behaviour in so many areas of business if I trust the information you are giving about your ethic is really trustfully.
    Thank you again.

  • Sodi

    what’s the current price….I wanna try the product for the first time

    • Herb America

      Our current pricing is listed on our website. Pricing depends on what product you are interested in. We are currently having a 20 year anniversary sale so prices have been reduced! You can also contact directly at 541-846-6222 for more information.

      Thank you for your interest!