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snow mountains watermarkedOver the years, we have come to understand that good nutrition is often the defining factor between healthy, happy cultures and over-stressed or impoverished communities.

We have discovered that much of the devastation to the earth forest is a result of non-sustainable farming operations. We hope to alleviate this by practicing permaculture and a sustainable harvest wherever we work. We believe that a nutrient-rich food supply can contribute to emotional and spiritual aspects such as tranquility, contemplation and compassion for others. Chemical imbalances in the body govern the attitudes and mood. Good health, endurance and cheer are bounties immeasurable by monetary means, and can contribute to peace on the planet. One of the most inhuman things a company can do to a small farmer is to pressure them to use chemicals or short sighted farming practices. We never pressure our growers to utilize chemicals to increase yield. In fact, we promote organic agriculture and collaborate with traditional farmers who specialize in organic methods.